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Aespresso Gold-Specialty Coffee, Freshly Roast

Specialty coffee begins at the origin of coffee, the planting of a particular varietal into a particular growing region of the world.They tend to feature distinctive flavors, which are shaped by the unique characteristics of the soil that produces them. The concept of specialty includes the care given to the plant, selective harvesting, careful processing and timely preparation for roasting.         

Sometimes called "gourmet" or "premium" coffee, specialty coffees refers to the highest-quality green coffee beans roasted to their greatest flavor potential by true craftspeople and then properly brewed to well-established standards.


Aespresso Gold
Smooth & Aromatic
Price: RM 45.00
Weight: 0.5kg

Aespresso Bold
Strong & Intense
Price: RM 30.00
Weight: 0.5kg

Aespresso Intenso
Bold & Rich
Price: RM 39.00
Weight: 0.5kg

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